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Blog Entry from Dave & Betsy Smith~ May 26, 2016

On the Monday following Police Memorial Week the Boise, ID police department hosted a two day “Mindset Bootcamp” featuring Dave “JD Buck Savage” Smith an82442d Lt. Col. Dave Grossman. The ninety attendees included state, county and local law enforcement officers from Idaho and Washington as well as parole officers, dispatchers, corrections personnel, educators and civilian employees from several police agencies.


Among the many topics discussed was the 36% increase in police officer deaths by gunfire and how to combat the “war on cops” that American law enforcement officers are faced with as the busy summer months approach82454.  As both Smith and Grossman teach, exemplary public service includes a sharp focus on officer safety.  At a time when police shootings often draw sharp criticism from the media, politicians and some community groups, officers must constantly focus on maintaining their “winning mindset” physically, tactically and even emotionally.  The discussion continued during the breaks and at meals, where ideas and philosophies were shared and debated.  If you haven’t yet attended one of these unique events, check our schedule or contact PG & TI to bring “Mindset Bootcamp” to your own agency.

Blog Entry May 24, 2016 from Rob Cipriano

Fantastic Seminar at Daytona State College—Managing Psychological & Behavioral Manifestations of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the Military Veteran or Uniformed Officer    Date: 05/23/16

By Robert J. Cipriano Jr., Psy.D., ABPP –Licensed Psychologist in Florida; Board Certified in Police & Public Safety Psychology (ABPP)



What are our initial thoughts surrounding someone who is diagnosed with PTSD?  This seminar at Daytona State College encompassed an in-depth discussion of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – Signs and Symptoms of the condition, how the condition may manifest, how stigma and stress play a factor in triggering it, and how and what strategies appear to be successful for public safety professional(s) in the field in managing those who may suffer from it.  

The focus of training was on cultivating a more insightful appreciation regarding those who experience post trauma stress reactions & some of the challenges involved with problem solving in everyday life.  Pre-Deployment, Deployment, & Post Deployment challenges were discussed and processed.  A significant portion of the didactic was on discussing the dynamics surrounding suicide prevention/intervention along with threat assessment.  Communication tactics were highlighted, especially the use of primary level empathy, the use of open ended questions early on in dialogue, and the possible use of self-disclosure when attempting to build rapport.  PTSD is a condition of mistrust that manifests in anxiety based reactions; building trust via rapport is an important ingredient that can aid and facilitate that process.

The focus for the day was not only on educating the attendees, but attempting to generate a heightened level of insight into what some individuals and families experience via penetrating the “stigma dynamic” and  “normalizing” certain behavioral and psychological reactions that some individuals experience following a traumatic event.  I believe we were successful as a group in doing just that! 

Blog Entry ~ Dom Cappelluti May 19, 2016

I was honored to have been invited by the NWGIA to present to a slammed venue fulwash pic(1)l of gang cops, that even though worked gang crimes a long way from the streets of the Chicago, were unquestionably cut from the same cloth as me.

The reaction of my presentation based on using the C.R.I.M.E. 1-2-3© approach to interviewing and interrogating today’s hard core bangers has again proven that no matter where we are fighting the war on gangs, the enemy is the same and as dangerous as ever.  So we have to be prepared to perform at our very best each and every time.  During my opening remarks I placed my own bet, since we were literally feet from the casino floor.  I bet the hundreds of gang cops that sat in front of me that they would each remember what to do during their next gang interview without ever picking up a pen or writing down a single note during my entire presentation. That’s the true test of the program.  Learn what to do and say without ever thinking about it.  This would then result in each interviewer to utilize the power of their personality.

I was humbled to present following Texas Officer Ann Cazarrres who spoke about the night her life changed forever.  She was ambushed by three MS-13 gang members during a traffic stop.  Having been shot in the face and chest, she emotionally told her heroic story of how she still gave chase and how the offenders were later apprehended.  I’ve never seen that many cops and tears in one place.

From the streets to the interview room, interviewing and interrogation skills are essential for everyone in law enforcement today.  Ann felt something about that stop that night.  Her instinct and training gave her the few seconds she desperately needed.  She was able to move a few inches before the shots popped off; inches that eventually saved her life.  Being able to read body language isn’t just for the suits and ties anymore.

Having already received numerous emails from cops across the country in just a couple of days, I guess I won my bet.  The best of luck to all my brothers and sisters from the northwest!   

Blog Entry from Dom Cappelluti on May 13, 2016

IMG_0223Even months after the terror attacks in Brussels, a heavy police presence still remains in time square. Heavily armed uniformed officers with riffles slung from their vests stand ready as tourists walk slowly past.  Not the time to ask for a quick photo. The message is clear. Today it’s all business.

On this occasion, my trip to the city that never sleeps is business for me as well. Since that September day in 2001, I have finally been given a huge opportunity to personally contribute to combating terrorism at all levels.  I’m here in New York to present my Interview and Interrogation seminar (CRIME 1-2-3) for city officers, investigators and agents from the US Postal Inspectors Office.

As the seminar begun and I looked across the class, I couldn’t help but to think back to 9-11 and Brussels and when terrorism will hit again.  The ability for us to effectively gather intelligence by conducting real interrogations today is an absolute necessity. Those who are armed with this ability of getting people to tell us the truth are as necessary as those same tactical officers standing ready at time square.

From the shores of Lake Michigan to the banks of the Hudson, we are unfortunately surrounded by those who choose to live a life of crime.  And today, those who have chosen this profession of crime fighting have more responsibilities than ever. No super suit or special powers required. This is why Criminal Related Interviewing Made Easy was created.  My responsibility is to convince each and every one that attends this seminar that you have to use what you already know- your unique personality.  From there, CRIME 1-2-3 will guide you every step of the way.

When speaking with street thugs to career criminals, all law enforcement must know how to communicate effectively, detect deception, interpret verbal and nonverbal behavior and get the truth. There is no more room for second chances or excuses. Get ready. Get trained.

Blog Entry May 12, 2016 from Betsy Brantner Smith

80430Public safety dispatchers are arguably the most over-looked personnel in any law enforcement agency.  PG & TI instructor Sgt. Betsy Smith has dubbed them “The Forgotten 1st Responders” ( and conducts training classes and workshops throughout the United States especially for dispatch personnel.


Sgt. Smith recent traveled to Salt Lake City, UT to present “Career and Officer Survival for Dispatchers” at the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Department in Utah.  The course was hosted by the Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake.  Unified PD’s dispatch manager and training coordinator were in attendance and outlined some of their many innovations to Sgt. Smith.  UPD utilizes ride-a-longs, a cadet program, a peer support group and leadership training to enhance working conditions for their dispatchers.


Sgt. Smith was also honored to meet the widow of Unified Police officer Doug Barney who was killed in the line of duty on January 17th of this year. ( Erika Barney, a former dispatcher, now works in HR at UPD and has been an incredible source of strength to her co-workers since Doug’s murder.


Attendees spent the morning learning various officer safety tools and tactics, and the afternoon was devoted to leadership, gender intelligence, and career enhancement.

Blog Entry April 29, 2016 from Dave Smith~

Here is a short video clip illustrating some of the “teaching principles” presented through The Winning Mind programs.  We will periodically offer up these “clips” to stir on some discussion…we welcome questions, stories, shared experiences…



Correctional Professionals Managing those that Suffer from Mental Health Issues in Jail and/or Prisons

Overview: Strategies For Relating and Working with those that suffer from mental health issues can be quite challenging and have the potential to pose danger for correctional professionals at times if not dealt with appropriately.  Such challenges include attempts at managing those who experience homicidality/suicidality and in managing those who suffer from Axis I conditions such as (i.e. psychosis, depressive/affective conditions, and personality disorders to name a few).  This course is designed not to replace the specific institution’s safety techniques and training but to be an adjunctive aid in dealing with this specialized population.


One-Day Format


  1. Introduction to Major Psychiatric Disorders and Care of the Mentally Ill (Axis I Disorders)

(Videos included)

  1. Introduction to those who suffer from Schizophrenia (Signs and Symptoms)
    1. Incorporating Strategies and Managing Encounters w/ those that suffer from Schizophrenia
  2. Introduction to Clinical and Manic Depression (Signs and Symptoms)
    1. Incorporating Strategies and Managing Encounters w/ those that suffer from Clinical and Manic Depression
  3. Introduction to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) (Signs and Symptoms)
    1. Incorporating Strategies and Managing Encounters w/ those that suffer from PTSD

Introduction to Those that Experience Personality Disorders  {video(s)}                                                                                                                     

  1. Conceptualizing those that experience Personality Disorders (Mosaic)
  2. Incorporating Strategies and Managing Encounters with Individuals Who Suffer from Antisocial

Personality Disorder

  1. Incorporating Strategies and Managing Encounters with Individuals Who Suffer from Borderline

Personality Disorder

  1.  Impact of Psychological Disorders on The Correctional Community
    1. Characteristics of the Suicidal Individual and How to Manage Him/Her
    2. Understanding and Recognizing Various Drug Interactions w/ The Mentally Ill
    3. Side Effects from Psychotropic Medications, Classifications of Psychotropic Medications and Respective Conditions that Particular Psychotropic Medications Manage and Treat.
  • Conclusion
    1. Final Thoughts, Questions & Answers
    2. Evaluations




Blog Entry April 29, 2016~ Mindset Bootcamp in Spokane, WA

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office recently hosted a two day “Mindset Bootcamp” featuring Dave “JD Buck Savage” Smith and Lt. Col. Dave Grossman.  Audience members included law enforcement officers from both Idaho and Washington plus educators, police department volunteers, fire personnel and members of the United States Air Force.   Also in attendance was a very special guest, Sean Riley, 17041Founder and President of Safe Call Now, a confidential, comprehensive, 24-hour crisis referral service for public safety employees, all emergency services personnel and their family members nationwide. Safe Call Now was started in 2009 after legislation was passed guaranteeing confidentiality nationwide for all who call the Safe Call Now crisis line that is staffed by current and former first responders.  (hotlink: Lt Col Grossman and Dave Smith’s wife Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith serve on Safe Call Now’s advisory board and believe strongly in SCN’s mission.

“Mindset Bootcamp” is the only training of its kind that delivers the essential elements of “The Winning Mind” and “The Bulletproof Mind” in a two-day seminar tha20160428_081122t will change the way you work, live, and think.  Students have the chance to personally interact with Lt. Smith and Lt. Col. Grossman to share ideas, philosophies and training tips.  The students in Spokane agreed that “Mindset Bootcamp” is a must for all public safety and military personnel.





More fun at the seminar:


Haix footwear ( gave a way a free pair of boots to one lucky winner and several attendees won gear from Sticky Holsters (

Blog Entry from Betsy Brantner Smith March 10, 2016

On Thursday March 3rd, 2016 Sergeants Betsy Smith and Nancy Fatura traveled to Loveland, CO to launch another year of “The Winning Mind for Women UNLEASHED!” This motivational training event for women in the law enforcement profession has been updated with new research, new stories, and new ways to inspire anyone who attends.

The Loveland class was filled with police officers, dispatchers, corrections personnel, supervisors and managers from the Denver metro area. Halfway through the course an officer shared with Betsy and Nancy that she had attended “Unleashed” in 2015 in Centennial, CO and the class had motivated her to make some significant, positive changes in her professional life. They were so glad she came back to join us in 2016.

66481Sgt. Fatura’s teaching style at the Loveland event brought both laughter and applause when she took the stage on a newly acquired “knee scooter” to help her deal with recently broken foot. The morning after training she was back in Tucson, AZ to have surgery, which was very successful. Sgt. Fatura shared with the Loveland students that her high level of fitness had been incredibly helpful in dealing with her injury. Fitness and health are one of the many topics talked about in the Winning Mind series of classes.



We hope to see you at one very soon!

Tactics for the Street and Criminal Patrol: Boots-On-The-Ground Police Work

Tactics for the Street and Criminal Patrol:
Boots-On-The-Ground Police Work

Including the use of in-car and body worn cameras!

This fast paced one-day course is intended for patrol officers and supervisors who want to become more effective in detecting apprehending and documenting the arrest of criminals including drug users, drug traffickers, fugitives, gang members, and even terrorists.

Areas Covered

  • Criminal Patrol Tactics
  • In-Car/Body Cams
  • Officer Safety
  • Roadside Interviews
  • Detecting Deception
  • Consent Searches
  • Salvaging Turn-Downs
  • Arrest Tactics
  • Basics of Detecting Hidden Compartments
  • Contact & Cover