Blog Entry ~ Dom Cappelluti May 19, 2016

I was honored to have been invited by the NWGIA to present to a slammed venue fulwash pic(1)l of gang cops, that even though worked gang crimes a long way from the streets of the Chicago, were unquestionably cut from the same cloth as me.

The reaction of my presentation based on using the C.R.I.M.E. 1-2-3© approach to interviewing and interrogating today’s hard core bangers has again proven that no matter where we are fighting the war on gangs, the enemy is the same and as dangerous as ever.  So we have to be prepared to perform at our very best each and every time.  During my opening remarks I placed my own bet, since we were literally feet from the casino floor.  I bet the hundreds of gang cops that sat in front of me that they would each remember what to do during their next gang interview without ever picking up a pen or writing down a single note during my entire presentation. That’s the true test of the program.  Learn what to do and say without ever thinking about it.  This would then result in each interviewer to utilize the power of their personality.

I was humbled to present following Texas Officer Ann Cazarrres who spoke about the night her life changed forever.  She was ambushed by three MS-13 gang members during a traffic stop.  Having been shot in the face and chest, she emotionally told her heroic story of how she still gave chase and how the offenders were later apprehended.  I’ve never seen that many cops and tears in one place.

From the streets to the interview room, interviewing and interrogation skills are essential for everyone in law enforcement today.  Ann felt something about that stop that night.  Her instinct and training gave her the few seconds she desperately needed.  She was able to move a few inches before the shots popped off; inches that eventually saved her life.  Being able to read body language isn’t just for the suits and ties anymore.

Having already received numerous emails from cops across the country in just a couple of days, I guess I won my bet.  The best of luck to all my brothers and sisters from the northwest!   

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