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On November 2, 2017 we presented two Heroin on Steroids classes in Sandy (Salt Lake City) Utah.  The back to back classes were full at 60 registrations each.  In attendance were patrol officers, narcotic agents, detectives, regulatory agencies, parole/probation officers, corrections, wildlife officers, Forest Service, AG’s office, firefighters, paramedics and more.  Many in attendance said they didn’t realize how dangerous these synthetic opioids are.  There was a lot of good discussion about several recent local cases.

 One of the paramedics said that over the last several months they are using multiple doses of naloxone, sometimes up to 4 doses, to revive heroin overdoses when historically it only took one.  He realized during the class that the patients most likely did not OD on Heroin and that it was probably Fentanyl.  All of the students left the class knowing when they encounter fentanyl they can do it safely.  The highlight of the day was watching the Cubs take the world series, congratulations Cubs and Chicago! 

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