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Jail Gang Intelligence & Interviewing Techniques for Corrections

Presented by: GCD

This course is specifically designed to prepare Correctional Officers to successfully identify gang members, monitor gang activity, effectively gather gang intelligence, and properly conduct successful interviews within hard-core gang bangers in jail

  •       Proper gang identification and documentation
  •       Successful Introductions and mindset
  •       Monitoring gang presence and activity
  •       Gang intelligence gathering
  •       Working with other Law Enforcement Agencies
  •       Handling jail informants
  •       Conducting successful interviews in jail

C.R.I.M.E. 123 Interviewing & Interrogation

“Make WORDS your most valued WEAPON”©

Take one day to learn skills you will use everyday! C.R.I.M.E 123  is an easy bulletproof approach to criminal interviewing & interrogation.

With the growing conflict between interview and interrogation companies and concerns with using their specific multi-step method or structured technique, we deliver the solution with C.R.I.M.E. 123Our main objective is to provide today’s professional interviewers with a simple, proven and effective “approach” to the ever-changing and complex world of truth seeking and custodial interrogation.

Today’s professional interviewers must be able to perform at the top of their game and get the truth from a diverse range of dangerous and elusive suspects while respectfully following their agencies policies and procedures.  Get trained in the bulletproof approach that bulletproofs the interviewer, the agency and the confession

C.R.I.M.E 1-2-3 is here. So get in, get it and get out


Gang Combat Dynamics (GCD): A Zero-tolerance Approach to Gangs

Instructor: Dom Cappelluti

This two-day course will provide the investigator with strategies to vigorously target, investigate, interview/interrogate, prosecute and prevent resurgence of criminal street gangs. The program will equip the investigator with the knowledge and tools to “attack” organized gangs by using a multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional approach. The concepts taught in this course have been used to effectively dismantle gangs and take back communities.

  • Understanding today’s gang alliances and their growing social network
  • Gangs in schools
  • Effective street interviewing
  • Conducting gang investigations- graffiti to homicide
  • Being successful in the interview- getting confessions from
  • Strategize your follow up attack- eradication strategies