Crossing Police Lines: Living life 360º

Instructors: Mike Wasilewski & Althea Olson

Being a cop is more than what you do, it is who you ARE!!! It’s how you think of and define yourself, and it’s a title to wear with pride. Law enforcement is a unique and challenging profession, practiced by men & women specially wired to take on those challenges.

Balancing on-and-off duty life is something we all face, and where many of us falter. Knowing how and when to “cross police lines” and lead a well-rounded life is crucial for personal – and professional – success.

This course examines common personal & professional roadblocks that prevent officers from leading a “360° life.” We teach a reality-based approach focused on developing the whole person. After all, a balanced cop is an energized cop.

Crossing Police Lines 
Date: 11/07/11
Where: St. Louis County & Municipal Police Academy, St. Louis

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