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What a phenomenal seminar we had in Crownpoint, New Mexico.  There were approximately 40 public safety professionals in attendance, predominantly law enforcement professionals, inclusive of police officers, police dispatchers, a chaplain, and a local pastor providing services to Navajo Nation and the various police departments within the Northwestern Part of New Mexico.  Focus of the seminar was on police stress, resiliency cultivation, suicide prevention/intervention, conflict resolution, and cultural sensitivity.  Several attendees participated in the table top exercise and discussion for utilizing stress abatement skills such as: ways to “reframe” (change) internal dialogue following a critical incident or series of critical incidents, the use of deep breathing, the use of visualization techniques, and the use of progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) to name a few.

Suicide prevention and intervention tools were also provided and processed via  “dialing in” to particular triggering event(s) in understanding suicidality within the law enforcement population.  Embarrassment and/or humiliation is one of the top catalyst’s for suicidality, in particular suicidality within the law enforcement population.  Peer support and clinical and administrative support were some of the buffers identified, discussed and encouraged to obtain for respective departments and agencies.   To conclude, some of the unique cultural and origins of conflict within law enforcement were processed and reviewed.  They were illustrated for purposes of awareness along with proliferation of management tools in combating conflict as it arises.

Those that attended the seminar were encouraged to utilize the operational, behavioral, and clinical knowledge that was shared from such an esteemed group.  Look forward to seeing you in 2017!

Crownpoint Court

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