EXCITED DELIRIUM: Multiple Officer Control Tactic (MOCT) Train-The- Trainer (8 hour course)

Instructed by Lt. Michael Paulus, Michael Paulus Training, LLC

Course Description:

This course relates to the one-day Awareness, Protocol Development, Investigation, and Hands

On demonstration course by training the student in the concepts, drills, and safety points of the

Multiple Officer Control Tactic (MOCT). The course finishes with each student teaching a

segment to the rest of the class to demonstrate their understanding of the tactic, drills, and safety


This full day course will give the attendee a fuller understanding of the MOCT and how to teach

the tactic to their students. The rationale behind what makes the tactic effective with not only

suspected Excited Delirium subjects and their superhuman strength, seemingly unlimited

endurance, and tolerance for pain. The tactic is also very effective for the active resistive subject.

The various drills are broken down so the trainer can understand how they help the student

understand the MOCT and its application in the field. The safety points are discussed,

demonstrated, and performed to ensure that the training that is down with students afterwards is

conducted as safely as possible.

As a trainer course, students are required to demonstrate their understanding of various

components of the MOCT and other potential participants (i.e. EMS, Fire, etc.) are incorporated

into the response. This will give the trainer the confidence to explain, demonstrate, and practice

the MOCT with their students. A sample lesson plan will be given to each trainer that

successfully completes the training.


Introduction of MOCT and its application to suspected Excited Delirium subjects. Principles of

control of limbs versus weight on subject’s back are discussed. Practice of drills and scenarios



Scenarios are completed and breakdown of drills is started. Safety points are identified and ways

to avoid them in the field are discussed and practiced.


Continue with drill practice to include third party participants (EMS, Fire, etc.). Students are

given sections of the MOCT to instruct to the rest of the class. Student instruction begins with

debrief by Instructor and the rest of the class.


Finish with student instruction and debrief. Review of sample lesson plan and how it is

applicable to student agency. Course debrief with Instructor.

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