Financial Intelligence~Terrorism Program

Course objectives :

This 2-day dynamic training program offers an unmatched experience for financial investigators. Enter the financial intelligence cycle and recognize its importance in illicit finance through the following:

  • Identifying the stages of terrorist activity, such as PPF (Planning, Procurement, and Funding), through the analysis of actual terrorist bank account records
  • Utilizing financial intelligence methods to recognize the radicalization process of a jihadist and the red flags that indicate an imminent threat of a terrorist act
  • Leveraging terrorist financing case studies that teach situational awareness techniques in analysis, critical thinking, and investigation skills
  • Examining the material and financial intelligence leads gathered from terrorist operational sites and understanding their impact on identifying the threat
  • Engaging in knowledge transfer sessions with CTF Investigators

Learning outcomes:

  • Be more proficient in financial investigation and the analysis of counter terrorist financing
  • Understanding how financial intelligence can be used in identifying and disrupting terrorist financing
  • Be able to develop financial intelligence to be used in a mission critical plan
  • Utilize financial intelligence in a reactive and proactive operation
  • Understand the typologies and trends of terrorist financing
  • Understand Charities and NGO and how they are used by terrorist organizations
  • Gain access to a unique reservoir of CTF material
  • Current IS, AQ & AQAP fund raising

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