First of a three part Webinar Series: Leaking the Truth

Welcome to the first of a series of three one hour webinars led by Bruce Jacobs, owner of the company Behavioral Analysis and Security Consultants.

What are the clues someone gives when they’re lying to an Officer? Being aware of micro expressions and changes in language can tip an officer off that someone is engaging in deceptive behavior.

This webinar series (3 one-hour programs) will introduce you to Behavioral and Statement Analysis and will help you recognize deceptive behavior and the scientifically proven “leakage of truth”. These techniques will give you a tremendous advantage when talking to suspects and individuals. It’s impossible for someone to successfully lie without doing something to give away their deception, but learning how to spot those cues takes time and training.

The First One-Hour Webinar is an

Introduction to Behavioral and Statement Analysis

June 5, 2020 1:00 to 2:00 PM CST

Defining terms; Citing Sources; introducing the six universal facial expressions; introducing observable signs of deception: Micro Expressions, Body Gestures. Introducing observable signs of deception through Statement Analysis: tense; pronoun, distancing language; reviewing several videos which demonstrate these behaviors.

Come join us for an informative and entertaining hour of training.

Fee: $50.00

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