This program is designed as an introductory course to P.O.P.~all are welcomed!


COURSE OVERVIEW: Smaller agencies or those will limited resources may not be able to implement Community Action Teams or other Problem Oriented Policing concepts that require ample resources, but that shouldn’t limit them from employing P.O.P. concepts! This introductory course will give police personnel insight into the history and initial introduction of Problem Oriented Policing, the concept of the S.A.R.A. model and employing its use in identifying problems affecting the community, methods of obtaining and analyzing data, thinking beyond traditional police responses to address community issues, implementing P.O.P. practices, methods to encourage Problem Oriented thinking as a department culture, and practical exercises which lead students to develop Problem Oriented Policing thought processes.

Concepts Include:

  • Utilizing Problem Oriented Policing zones for patrol units
  • Use of department liaisons to address specific vulnerable communities
  • Using social media to leverage actions taken and increase communication
  • Use of Crime Free Housing and ordinance violations to address problem areas
  • Employing Crime Prevention Through Environment Design (CPTED) to solve problems

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