Implementing and Managing the Body-Worn Camera System

Transparency has become a keyword in the public safety industry and landmark
cases are being born at an alarming rate. Body cameras are offering public safety agencies
the opportunity to be more transparent with their community as well as provide a view from
an officer’s perspective rather than just a bystander holding a cell phone. This seminar is not about how clip a body camera to a uniform and turn it on. The manufacturer’s of this technology have made that part simple. This seminar is geared for command staff who will face managing the entire program from data storage, CJIS security, accessibility, legal requirements, public records requests, camera selection, and much more.

This class provides you with valuable and time saving hands-on knowledge from a seasoned LE administrator of a body camera system

By use of studies, videos, and accounts of events that have occurred, this course will provide
the attendee with the information necessary to make an informed decision on how to
conduct research and implement a body camera system.

Training will cover:
• Purpose of a body worn camera.
• Benefits and limitations of a body camera program.
• Camera selection
• Budgeting considerations
• Management of video evidence
• Directives and policies
• Public records requests

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