New High Tech Investigation Techniques (Basic)

New High Tech Investigation Techniques (Basic) – This one day session focuses on the investigation techniques that are vital to any Officer’s arsenal of tools. This is a full day of instruction intended on teaching a unique response to crime with unconventional free resources. While the advanced course expands on additional topics, this crash course covers the essentials. Times can be adjusted to fit your needs. Participants receive lifetime access to the Basic Investigations Resources area of the site which includes updated links, content, software, guides, and templates.

Open Source Intelligence Techniques

This session identifies and demonstrates over 250 free online resources that can aid Investigators in solving both technical and non-technical crimes. Participants will be shown how to “dig” into the internet for personal information about any target. While popular sites such as Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook are covered in detail (including techniques that legally access some “private” content), the presentation goes much deeper into the vast resources available online for researching personal information. Additionally, instructions for identifying local events such as flash mobs and fights in real time will be presented in great detail. Aside from web sites, other technologies such as digital camera data, document meta-data, Geo-location services, and live communication monitoring will be explained. These sources can also be used to conduct thorough background checks on potential employees. All resources can be applied to domestic and international investigations.

Among many other techniques, the attendees will learn how to conduct the following queries.

General search queries on dozens of search engines
Use online translation tools to search and translate foreign text
Monitor live content and communication on social networks
Create online map layers to identify communication by location
Thorough searches of all social networks
Access content believed to be private on social networks
Search Geo Location data within Twitter streams
Analyze micro blogging content by location
Reverse search by photograph
Search historical versions of websites
Locate documents related to target subject
Identify crime rings using online auction sites
Locate online photo albums shared by target subjects
Locate online videos related to subject of investigation
Analyze EXIF data in photographs to identify suspects
Search online forums for communication

Case Example

Actual case examples are demonstrated that apply several of the techniques discussed to solve a series of felonies. This demonstration gives a complete view of how the techniques are used in unison to solve individual cases.

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