Olympic Weightlifting & Power Training For Police

Instructor: James Di Naso

By popular demand, Police Kinesiology Company presents a new course:

This course will teach officers how to properly perform and integrate the use of the Olympic lifts (snatch/clean & jerk) and variations into the physical preparation programs of police officers. All who attend will gain insight and understanding of the ways to correctly incorporate these techniques into a police specific training program to improve and maximize job related performance and physical skills. The course will be taught by PKCO Police Performance Director James Di Naso, an advanced level coach with the United States Weightlifting Federation. This course is ideal for LE officers and LE fitness instructors who have previously attended any of the following PKCO courses: Weight Training for Police, Injury Prevention for Police, Specialized Fitness Training for Female Officers, or Tactical Police Performance Instructor courses (formerly know as the Practical Police Kinesiology course).

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