Pharmaceutical Drug Diversion Training

The Pharmaceutical Drug Diversion Training class was designed to educate law enforcement officers about prescription drug crimes.  It is designed for all areas of law enforcement to include patrol, narcotics, detectives and administration.  Prescription drugs are encountered by law enforcement officers on a regular basis however officers rarely receive training in these types of crimes.  This class will help officers gain a better knowledge of pharmaceuticals, crimes associated with diversion and tips on conducting investigations.

This one-day course includes:

Pharmacology and Pill Identification-4 Hours

This course reviews the most commonly abused opioid, depressant, and stimulant controlled substances.  Officers will learn street names, methods of abuse, and current street prices of prescription drugs.   Resources for pill identification will also be discussed.


Legal Prescribing and Preventing Diversion- 2 Hours

This course will provide the student with an understanding of the Controlled Substance Act as it applies to prescription medications and the practice of medicine.  Attendees will learn what constitutes a legal prescription under the Code of Federal Regulations.  Officers will gain information about prescription drug crimes along with the most common methods of diversion. Investigating inappropriate prescribing will be discussed utilizing real case examples


Basic Drug Investigations-1 Hour

This course focuses on building successful investigations on various types of prescription drug crimes.  Tips on evidence to obtain and interviews to conduct in various medical settings will be discussed.  This class will help the student better understand the abbreviations that are most commonly used on prescriptions to better detect illegal or altered prescriptions.  The class is designed to provide officers with the tools and resources needed to conduct quality investigations.


Pharmacy Crimes -30 Min

This course is an overview of several types of pharmacy crimes.  Participants will learn recommendations and procedures to consider when encountering a diversion issue, evidence to obtain and how to network with the pharmacy staff.  Officers will learn the trends, patterns, and risk factors associated with pharmacy crimes.


Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals -30 Min

This class will provide the officer with an overview of counterfeit pharmaceuticals and their effect on the healthcare system.  Case examples involving counterfeit medicines and their sources will be discussed along with resources to utilize in an investigation.

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