Walking the Digital Beat~Practical Application & Use of Social Media in Criminal Investigations

Two Day Course Overview: This Level 1 course is intended for Law Enforcement agencies and their personnel. It is non-technical with no prerequisites necessary and presented in an easy to follow format in which the participants will be well acquainted with social platforms and how to use them to develop intelligence, violate parolees, disrupt criminal gang activity and enhance cases for the prosecutors’ office.

Additionally, an overview will be given of actual program from start to finish and real-world experiences discussed and challenges overcome. You will be given insight into an actual program and program numbers that occurred in a 90 day period.

Subpoena, Preservation Orders,  and Search Warrants how to request information. How to create on line personas with Registered CI status. Applications for use with Individual Departments of Correction and Bail Bond enhancements that will enable you to work in conjunction with your local prosecutor’s office.

Beyond the foundation of how this can be accomplished within your agency. Also reviewed are the pitfalls and liability of conducting covert social media investigations incorrectly. We will review the pitfalls of how badly not having a firm foundation in social media investigations can result. How to set up policy and how to continually update policy as technology moves forward.

Attendees will learn:

*Uses of social media in investigations both open source and covert.

*Identifying and targeting criminal groups online.

 *How to access the dark web and the deep web. The difference between the two and how to conduct investigative lead search should your investigation take you there.

*Setting up Policy and Procedure to avoid legal liability for L.E. both officers and agencies.

*Properly documenting and using evidence obtained in the investigation and prosecution.

*Scaling online investigations from individual to multi-agency operations.

*Connecting the dots from behind the keyboard to street operations and raids.

*How to obtain buy-in from your Command Staff, Investigation, Narcotics, Specialized Units and Patrol Divisions.



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