Street Level Counterterrorism

This dynamic presentation addresses terrorism related events in the United States. In 2007, Deputy Blakely initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle in rural South Carolina that would change his life. That traffic stop disrupted an act of terrorism during the planning stages. It stands, to date, as the only terrorist attack prevented by a patrol officer on a traffic stop. This course will discuss in depth details of Cpl. Lamar Blakely’s August 4, 2007 traffic stop, which resulted in the arrest and prosecution of a terrorist and other associates. It will be an up close and personal look at the pros and cons in handling this situation as well as lessons learned. Cpl. Blakely will discuss the various hearings that lasted several years. This course will help officers better understand the threat of terrorism, how it affects each of our communities regardless of how large or small, and give officers a closer look into documentation during traffic stops, as well as how to get the community involved. The second part of this course will educate officers on the need for proactive law enforcement in today’s society. He’ll discuss the resources available to officers to further the protective efforts of the community and nation.

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