Survival Skills For Police Marriages

Instructors: Mike Wasilewski & Althea Olson

Think law enforcement is a tough job? Marriage is tougher! At least, building a truly successful, long-term, “riding-out-the-storms” marriage is hard, demanding work.

So, if law enforcement and marriage are both difficult and demanding endeavors, how hard must it be to build a successful law enforcement marriage where one or both partners is an LEO? Apparently, very much so if the evidence is to be believed. With divorce rates far exceeding those of the general public, the unique stressors of a law enforcement career put police marriages at high risk of failure.

Survival Skills for Police Marriages is just the course to provide the insight and skills to make your marriage not just survive, but thrive. Designed with couples in mind, we invite officers and their spouses (or any significant other) to attend together. Sure, law enforcement and marriage might both be tough but, if done right, are exciting, fun, and deeply rewarding!

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