The Winning Mind© for Women

The Winning Mind© for Women


“The Winning Mind for Women”is one of the most unique and popular courses offered by the “Winning Mind Seminars” team.  Sgt. Betsy Smith guides students through 8 hours of intensive, interactive training that will provide attendees with updates and information they can employ to improve and enhance both their professional and personal lives.


Course Description:


We begin each session by honoring the sacrifices of our fallen, celebrating the law enforcement profession and asking each attendee to inwardly assess their own career. We define true “Warrior Ethos” as we talk about the history of women in policing and celebrate our winners and role models.  We then introduce gender-specific science and leadership principles that anyone can use to enhance their career and improve their life on and off the job. The multi-media format keeps students engaged and entertained while we provide officers, agents, dispatchers, trainers, supervisors, managers and all other personnel with a realistic view of gender differences and how these can be harnessed in both men and women to improve performance, morale, communication, relationships, and especially officer safety.


During this intense session students will also be exposed to:


  • The “Not Today”© mindset, on every call, on every shift
  • Embracing your responsibility for your own tactics, training, survival and career
  • Why and how to embrace a warrior mindset regardless of your career path
  • The simple essentials of maintaining a great attitude
  • How to leave behind the “victim-based” mentality
  • Recognizing and taking advantage of the differences between men and women
  • Learning to communicate effectively with everyone in your agency and beyond
  • How to bring your family into your world to enhance off duty safety and your relationships
  • Finding and using the best female-specific equipment available
  • Learning to “lead” regardless of your assignment or tenure
  • How to increase your awareness and overcome the complacency that can kill
  • Assessing your own career and coming up with a plan for real success
  • Why fear is a “gift” that should be controlled and exploited for officer survival
  • How to truly embrace “the brotherhood” of law enforcement and stand together
  • Why “survival” is minimalistic and we must train to WIN!


This training is like no other in that it encourages women, and those who train and supervise them, to look beyond the anecdotal, “that’s-the-way-we’ve-always-done-it” world of learning and utilize science, physiology and proven methods and information that will help anyone in law enforcement improve their career and their survival.   Sgt. Smith’s philosophy of “teaching by storytelling” cites real-world, inspirational examples of courageous men and women whose stories stay with the attendees long after the class has concluded. The atmosphere created in the classroom encourages students to network and gain strength and information from each other, making this session a powerful day for all involved.  This course will inspire, motivate, and encourage women to excel and to win, regardless of assignment!


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