Street Strategies Series

Street Strategies Series:

 “Take one day to learn skills you will use every day!”©

We are proud to announce that four working law enforcement professionals have joined  Dom Cappelluti in presenting the Street Strategies Seminar Series!  With the addition of Steve Hollister, Andrew Jones, Edgardo Navarro and Jon Oliver we are enhancing the structure training curriculum with their unique perspectives & experiences.  By having five working sworn officers presenting these programs, we have the most up-to-date videos and material in the training industry.  Our seminars are mostly presented in an one-day format which is affordable and respectful to department scheduling concerns!

To learn more about the training in the Street Strategies series click on class listings below:

C.R.I.M.E 123: Interviewing & Interrogation

“My C.I.” Cultivating and Effectively Handling today’s Top Confidential Informants

Mastering Gang Basics

Gang Combat Dynamics

Street Strategies Homicide Investigation Seminar

Jail Gang Intelligence

Courtroom Success:
Preparing for Today’s Homicide and High Profile cases

Gangs in Schools: Prevention to Investigation


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