PG-TI is excited to present webinars from leading experts in their respective fields. New subjects are being added daily and the schedule will be updated as the classes are available.

Presently Scheduled:


Micro Expressions,

Behavioral & Statement Analysis

We proudly presents a three part webinar series featuring Bruce Jacobs, a 30 year retired veteran of the Manitowoc Police Department.  His specialized training in Micro Expressions and Behavior and Statement Analysis is shared in these three one hour presentations. The webinars are direct and affordable training programs; training should not stop due to social distancing!

Webinar Information below through hotlink:

June 5, 2020  Introduction to Behavioral Analysis & Micro Expressions

June 12, 2020  “Digging a Little Deeper”

June 19, 2020 “Putting it All Together”

Don’t miss these informative blocks of training. For further information please contact us at kodonnell@pg-ti.com

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