Recognizing and identifying deceptive behavior through body gestures, micro expressions and the verbiage people choose

2 ½ hour online course

This webinar will cover Behavioral and Statement Analysis and will help you recognize deceptive behavior and the scientifically proven “leakage of truth.” These principles can give you a tremendous advantage when talking to suspects and individuals. It’s impossible for someone to successfully lie without doing something to give away their deception, but learning how to spot those cues takes time and training.

Goals of Course

  • History of Behavioral Analysis and Statement Analysis
  • Citing the sources for the scientific research
  • For the students to have a better understanding of how it is “impossible to lie”


  • Develop a standard questioning routine
  • Familiarize with questions that prompt an emotional response
  • Recognize baseline behaviors
  • Recognize at least six “Means of Communication”
  • Recognize up to 27 Behavioral Clues of deception
  • Recognize true emotion vs. fake

Webinar Available September 25, 2020

Time: 10:00 to 12:30CST

Fee:  $85.00