Mastering Today’s Street Interviews: 20/20 Vision

(2.5 hr. Webinar)

There has never been a more important time in policing to make words your most valued weapon© than now!

This webinar specifically addresses every police officers’ ability to be able to detect, interpret and act on a person’s verbal and physical behavior during street encounters.

We know that we can never predict, with certainty, how your next encounter is going to go. We can never guarantee anyone from not contemplating flight or fight even if we do everything legally and ethically right. But what we can all agree on in today’s world of policing, is that we are all human. Police officers are not perfect. We can all use another effective weapon to protect us physically and legally. This one just doesn’t go on your gun belt.

This is where Mastering Today’s Street Interviews: 20/20 Vision comes in:

  • What is the person standing in front of you physically saying compared to what they are verbally telling you?
  • Are you just watching or can you really see it? Are you just listening or can you really hear it?
  • Are you trained in quickly spotting similarities between you and the person standing in front of you?
  • How can you, the stereotypical American Police Officer, swiftly make that person begin grasping the fact that you are both much more alike than when you first approached them?

Officers who can answer these questions and learn how to proficiently minimize the bad and exaggerate what’s good in a rapidly developing situation will be more likely to be an effective officer!


10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. EST



Group Registrations Available through PG-TI

Please call 847-875-3620 or [email protected]