Mastering Gang Basics: Your First Line of Defense

Mastering Gang Basics:Your First Line of Defense

“Stop asking why they do it and start asking why you allow it.” 

This straight-forward eight hour seminar is specifically designed to prepare officers to successfully identify, document and lawfully combat today’s most dangerous street gangs.  For departments of all sizes, officers will utilize today’s most effective approaches and strategies in the field, developed by some of today’s leading gang experts.  This is the gang course that is going to provide the tactical and investigative edge that uniformed officers need to get the job done, no matter how big the gang problem.    The enthusiasm of seasoned instructors and their proven street tactics is what makes this one day seminar the one to experience as officers begin to train for today’s street-smart gang bangers.  From the streets to the class room, a fresh approach to gang suppression and identification begins.  Attendees will acquire the skill and attitude that demands results starting today. Some of the topics addressed by your instructors will include: ·

  • Understanding gang history and culture·
  • Today’s gang signs and symbols·
  • Hybrid gangs·
  • Why your town?·
  • Street banging and social media·
  • Tools to dismantle gang technology·
  • Decoding today’s gang graffiti·
  • Proper gang identification·
  • Officer mind-set and approach
  • And much more…

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