“My C.I.” Cultivating and Effectively Handling today’s Top Confidential Informants

From first time offenders to high-level criminal organizations, the mentality of those heavily involved in today’s most serious crimes is rapidly changing. Today, we are tasked with combating the most dangerous criminals in the U.S. and across the world who continue to improve in ways of eluding law enforcement. This is where “My C.I.” comes in.

Having the ability to touch the untouchable, speak with those who don’t talk and gain the trust of even the most sceptical, is in fact possible with the right confidential informant and their trained handler.

When dealing with the disloyal and egotistic or the highly devoted and immersed criminal, law enforcement professionals trained in properly handling confidential informants are more effective in safely gathering real-time intelligence. From significant drug and cash seizures to solving the most difficult and serious cases, utilizing confidential informants is an essential tool, but one that must be handled safely. This is your owner’s manual in getting the job done and doing it right.

From the street to the interview room, your ability to build rapport, stay focused and detect deception starts at first contact and there are no second chances. Utilizing informants is an essential part of any case, and in fact may be the only way to enhance your chances of a successful outcome.

The focus of this dynamic one day seminar is to simply clarify each and every aspect of working hand and hand with an “informant” in a criminal investigation, which at times

can easily be frowned upon by those unaware of an informant’s legal potential and justifiable opportunities.

This seminar has been developed for patrol officers, detectives, gang investigators, agents and command staff. Your expert instructors will share their experiences and address issues to help you develop your own strategies in spotting, cultivating and safely getting informants to work for you.

Behind every great informant is a greater handler who always understands their capabilities, an informant’s limits, and the legal aspects during day to day operations. Despite the ambitions or motivators of potential informants, you will develop the expertise that’s needed today to protect the informant, your agency and yourself.

Blocks of instruction will include:

Spotting today’s possible candidates and dangers Evaluating the informant and their potential in each investigation
The significance of protecting your agency and establishing voluntariness Understanding the informant’s motivators and lifestyle
Mastering rapport and effective communication Establishing and maintaining ethical and professional relationships
Today’s legal aspects and courtroom preparation

This seminar is for law enforcement only, unless prior approval is granted by Street-Strategies Inc. or Public Grants and Training Initiatives. Attendees will receive a detailed class binder to keep. However, due to course content, the instructors’ current assignment, and video case examples there is no video recording allowed.

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