Implementing Social Media Strategy for Law Enforcement

PURPOSE OF COURSE: This one day course has been designed to meet the practical needs of a Public Information Officer or other police personnel assigned to create, implement, and manage a social media strategy for a law enforcement agency.

COURSE OVERVIEW: This course will give the police personnel insight into the history of law enforcement use of social media, how to create agency accounts on the most popular social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), legal considerations, civil rights considerations, creating engaging content, avoid pitfalls, and an overview of additional social media platforms and tools.

COURSE GOALSThe main goal of this course is to educate police personnel on how to successfully create social media accounts for their agencies, manage content within legal guidelines and community expectations, and successfully promote their agency and law enforcement in general.

COURSE PREREQUISITES: This course will be offered to law enforcement personnel assigned to a Public Information Officer role or tasked with creating and/or managing social media accounts.

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