Injury Prevention for Defensive Tactics Instructors (8 hours)

Instructor: James Di Naso

Many officers are getting injured during defensive tactics training.  In an effort to limit
liability and workman’s compensation claims, some agencies and departments are
eliminating DT training altogether.  Eliminating DT training is not the answer.  This course
will educate DT instructors on the most up to date strategies to reduce injuries.  Instructors
will gain valuable insight and learn practical tools to identify and prevent the most common
injuries that occur as a result of DT training.  Instructors will also learn how to improve
student performance through a greater understanding of the specific physical needs of law
enforcement officers.  DT specific fitness exercises and drills will be demonstrated and
then performed by those attending.  The Injury Prevention for Defensive Tactics Instructors
Course is highly recommended for defensive tactics and police martial arts trainers and
will help enhance skills no matter what style of DT or martial arts system is utilized.

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