Sexual Deviance in the New Millennium

This two day course is designed for ALL law enforcement to attend, particularly sex crimes, homicide, probation, parole, first responders, coroners, school resource officers, victim advocates, special investigators, nurses, and patrol.

This course offers extensive examination into the mindset of sexually violent individuals from the mouths of those who preyed on unsuspecting citizens. Dr. Lawrence J Simon, who has worked in prisons and studied these individuals for years, will discuss the underlying motivations of some of the most bizarre, violent, non-violent and invasive paraphillic behaviors. This course examines the why behind the crime and its addictive progressions.  This course combines the innovative perspectives of psychology behind the crime and disturbing viewpoints from some of the most dangerous sex offenders and murderers behind bars. This innovative two day course probes the evolution and disturbing aspect of sexual deviant pathology including such topics as necrophilia, pedophilia, cannibalism, frotteurism, exhibitionism, criminal sexual sadism, war rape, voyeurism, bestiality, and serial lust murder.

Dr. Simon is one of the nation’s leading law enforcement trainers on the subject of aberrant sexual pathology. He has trained law enforcement all over the county. He is a doctor of psychology, certified sexologist and diplomat from the American Board of Sexology. He has worked in several maximum security prisons in the United States providing psychological services to violent sociopaths, murderers and rapists. He has conducted lengthy interviews and extensive research into the internal thought processes and psychosocial backgrounds of these extraordinarily violent men, including but not limited to inmates housed on death row. He has either offered his impressions, or worked directly with law enforcement agencies on hundreds of cold case homicides and numerous sex-related crimes. His seminars will intrigue and horrify.

Detectives are encouraged to bring in at least one challenging case for consultation applicable to any of the topic areas above.

Class Format

Power point with images including sexual homicide and sex crimes case studies and crime scene photos, interview samples of serial killers, videos and examples of violent pornographic images

The workshop is set up as meeting style

Primary Objective

Obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the general mindset, fantasy facilitators,  behaviors and etiology of sexual deviant pathology with the goal of identifying warning signs , interviewing suspects, increasing effectiveness in search warrants  and greater case preparation

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