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Blog Entry From Dave Smith & Ed Delmore on October 22, 2016



A group of lucky Michigan crime-fighters just spent two days with Lt. Dave Smith and Chief Ed Delmore witnessing the birth of a new law enforcement training endeavor aptly titled “The Winning Edge.”


These two veteran police instructors spent 16 hours utilizing video, photographs and a large dose of humor to provide these state and federal professionals with the emotional, intellectual and practical tools for a street far more dangerous than ever before.


16506Chief Delmore had just returned from attending the 2016 International Association of Chiefs of Police annual conference in San Diego, CA, an event Dave Smith has attended for decades.  In discussing this year’s IACP, both men agree that American law enforcement officers are serving in an increasingly complex society.  While community groups, politicians and the media often talk about “police reform” and “de-escalation,” Smith and Delmore know that “boots on the ground” police officers still have to answer calls, make traffic stops, conduct investigations, and get the job done safely and professionally.  This new two-day training event provided these officers and agents with tools to strengthen and refocus their winning mindset and then get the playbook for real-world success on the street.

Blog Entry from Dom Cappelluti on May 13, 2016

IMG_0223Even months after the terror attacks in Brussels, a heavy police presence still remains in time square. Heavily armed uniformed officers with riffles slung from their vests stand ready as tourists walk slowly past.  Not the time to ask for a quick photo. The message is clear. Today it’s all business.

On this occasion, my trip to the city that never sleeps is business for me as well. Since that September day in 2001, I have finally been given a huge opportunity to personally contribute to combating terrorism at all levels.  I’m here in New York to present my Interview and Interrogation seminar (CRIME 1-2-3) for city officers, investigators and agents from the US Postal Inspectors Office.

As the seminar begun and I looked across the class, I couldn’t help but to think back to 9-11 and Brussels and when terrorism will hit again.  The ability for us to effectively gather intelligence by conducting real interrogations today is an absolute necessity. Those who are armed with this ability of getting people to tell us the truth are as necessary as those same tactical officers standing ready at time square.

From the shores of Lake Michigan to the banks of the Hudson, we are unfortunately surrounded by those who choose to live a life of crime.  And today, those who have chosen this profession of crime fighting have more responsibilities than ever. No super suit or special powers required. This is why Criminal Related Interviewing Made Easy was created.  My responsibility is to convince each and every one that attends this seminar that you have to use what you already know- your unique personality.  From there, CRIME 1-2-3 will guide you every step of the way.

When speaking with street thugs to career criminals, all law enforcement must know how to communicate effectively, detect deception, interpret verbal and nonverbal behavior and get the truth. There is no more room for second chances or excuses. Get ready. Get trained.

Retired Sergeant Edward Pijuan

Retired Sergeant Edward Pijuan is a 30 year veteran of law enforcement service that includes providing 26 years of U.S. military service with the U.S. Army Special Forces National Guard, serving our country in deployments such as Operation Enduring Freedom and other international deployments; providing 16 years of first line supervision; and providing 10 years of investigative experience for the Miami-Dade Police Department.

He has provided 3 years of full- time supervisory tactical duties for the Special Response Team (SRT also known as SWAT) serving high risk search warrants as a tactical professional and handling tactical operations for the Miami-Dade Police Department. He is currently a Team Leader for the Crisis Negotiator Team of SRT, providing critical support to the crisis negotiator team when faced with crisis situations, hostages, career criminals, and barricaded subjects who posed a threat for law enforcement and the community at large.

He was awarded an outstanding record of supervisory performance running the spectrum of law enforcement operations. Retired Sgt. Pijuan has an abundance of long-term investigative experience involving conducting in-depth interviews, evidence gathering, and assimilating within a team environment. He has an extensive background in Special Forces operations at the operational detachment/team level.

Course Available:

The Constructs of Critical Stress Debriefing following a Critical Incident

Dr. Lawrence Simon


Lawrence J. Simon, Psy.D., is a Diplomate of the American Board of Sexology certified as a clinical sexologist. He is the author of the book “Murder by Numbers: Perspectives on Serial Sexual Violence” and soon to be released “Mortal Desire: Origins of Sexualized Violence” Dr. Simon has dedicated his services to law enforcement, legal and forensic professionals throughout the country and is recognized as one of the most highly respected and accomplished instructors in the country. He is known for maintaining long-lasting professional relationships with his clients and is consistent in his delivery of innovative presentations.

Dr. Simon is frequently requested by law enforcement and legal staff to serve as a consultant on numerous cases involving crimes of a sexual and explicit nature, including cold case homicides and appeared on CNN discussing his research and the minds of serial murderers. Dr. Simon has interviewed, treated and evaluated some of the most dangerous inmates in the country including inmates on death row. Dr. Simon’s latest book titled Mortal Desire is expected to be released in the winter of 2013. He currently travels nationally and internationally providing training to law enforcement and their affiliates. Thousands have attended his innovative trainings.

Drawing on his experiences working with individuals with an extensive history of violence and extreme deviant pathology, along with providing expert training and consultative services to various law enforcement municipalities throughout the United States and Canada, Dr. Simon seeks to continue to provide expert consultation and training in the area of sexual deviate pathology and violence related issues. At the heart of Dr. Simon’s philosophical system is his belief in education and training as one of the foremost building blocks for success and confidence in the professional work place. Dr. Simon emphasizes the idea that together law enforcement and behavioral sciences are powerful disciplines in the fight against crimes of a violent and explicit nature, particularly in the area of threat assessment, and cold case solve-ability, where imagination and creativity are paramount for success when more conventional methods have at times proven unsuccessful.


Sexual Deviant Killers

Sexual Deviance in the New Millennium

Treating Cops: What the client wants you to know (for the mental health professional)

Instructors: Mike Wasilewski & Althea Olson

Counseling law enforcement officers can be uniquely challenging for the therapist. Policing is a demanding and often dangerous profession and its practitioners develop coping skills, and a physical and mental toughness, in order to meet those demands and dangers. Ironically, the very skills that enable them to survive street encounters often wreak havoc at home, in their personal lives, and within the political structure of their agencies. They can also be obstacles standing in the way of successful therapy.

In this course you will be introduced to the mindset and world of the cop, how they can impact the officer’s emotional and relational well-being and common obstacles you may encounter treating a police officer. And you will be introduced to the strategies and practices of a “Cop Friendly Therapist” designed to build rapport and respect between therapist and the police client, and to overcome the obstacles to successful therapy.

Understanding and Responding to the Emotionally Disturbed Person

Instructors: Mike Wasilewski & Althea Olson

Policing can be unpredictable, and there are few times this is truer than when an officer is responding to an incident involving an emotionally disturbed person (EDP).

The popular notion of the police as intrepid crime fighters – the thin blue line – is only part of the police role in society. Policing is about serving as well as protecting, and often that means responding to incidents involving the mentally ill and emotionally disturbed. These are some of the most common calls you will take on as a police officer so understanding mental illness and how best to respond to it is a critical job skill. In fact, mental disorders are likely to play a significant role in many of the crimes you investigate and knowing how to recognize and accommodate the mentally ill offender, victim, or witness will enhance your skill set.

This interactive class provides a solid foundation for understanding mental illness and practical instruction in “best practice” response. It is a valuable tool for your law enforcement career.

Survival Skills For Police Marriages

Instructors: Mike Wasilewski & Althea Olson

Think law enforcement is a tough job? Marriage is tougher! At least, building a truly successful, long-term, “riding-out-the-storms” marriage is hard, demanding work.

So, if law enforcement and marriage are both difficult and demanding endeavors, how hard must it be to build a successful law enforcement marriage where one or both partners is an LEO? Apparently, very much so if the evidence is to be believed. With divorce rates far exceeding those of the general public, the unique stressors of a law enforcement career put police marriages at high risk of failure.

Survival Skills for Police Marriages is just the course to provide the insight and skills to make your marriage not just survive, but thrive. Designed with couples in mind, we invite officers and their spouses (or any significant other) to attend together. Sure, law enforcement and marriage might both be tough but, if done right, are exciting, fun, and deeply rewarding!

Survival BEYOND the Street

Instructors: Mike Wasilewski & Althea Olson

Going home at the end of the day is the goal of every good cop, and mastery of the tactical skills necessary to physically survive a long career is key. But knowing how to survive the job emotionally is a too often neglected component of officer safety, and the very tactical skills that keep you alive on the street may even threaten you away from it.

“Survival BEYOND the Street” examines how a law enforcement career threatens officers’ home and personal lives, wearing away at officers’ ability to fit in with the society they are sworn to protect and leaving broken personal relationships in its wake. We then teach a practical and reality-based approach, focusing on skill development and practice, designed to teach off-duty survival skills, fix damaged relationships, solidify intact ones, and demonstrate how a well-rounded individual can be a better cop. The importance of balance, healthy detachment from work, and developing the “whole person” is emphasized.

Crossing Police Lines: Living life 360º

Instructors: Mike Wasilewski & Althea Olson

Being a cop is more than what you do, it is who you ARE!!! It’s how you think of and define yourself, and it’s a title to wear with pride. Law enforcement is a unique and challenging profession, practiced by men & women specially wired to take on those challenges.

Balancing on-and-off duty life is something we all face, and where many of us falter. Knowing how and when to “cross police lines” and lead a well-rounded life is crucial for personal – and professional – success.

This course examines common personal & professional roadblocks that prevent officers from leading a “360° life.” We teach a reality-based approach focused on developing the whole person. After all, a balanced cop is an energized cop.

Crossing Police Lines 
Date: 11/07/11
Where: St. Louis County & Municipal Police Academy, St. Louis

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Another Cop Killer

Instructors: Mike Wasilewski & Althea Olson

Depressive and anxiety disorders exact a terrible toll on police officers. This course examines the prevalence of depression and anxiety in law enforcement officers, the many (sometimes deadly) dangers they poses, and factors unique to the Job and to cops that may increase their likelihood within the ranks. Facts and myths about these disorders and their treatment will be clarified. Special emphasis on the roles of peers, supervisors, and mental health professionals in combating these destroyers are discussed.

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