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Chief Ed Delmore

Chief Ed Delmore has been a police officer more than 33 years and currently serves as the Chief of Police in Gulf Shores, Alabama. For several years he was the working commander of the most successful city criminal interdiction unit in the State of Illinois. He has instructed thousands of officers throughout the United States in criminal patrol tactics and officer survival. He has been an instructor for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and the FBI National Academy. He is also the author of several law enforcement articles featured on  and other law enforcement sites.

Chief Delmore earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Western Illinois University and a Master of Arts Degree from Webster University. He is a graduate of the Administrative Officers Course at the University of Louisville’s Southern Police Institute and of the FBI National Academy.

Courses Offered:

Tactics for the Street and Criminal Patrol: Boots-On-The-Ground Police Work

Constructs to Critical Incident Stress Debriefings

Constructs to Critical Incident Stress Debriefings
This one day program covers instruction on the array of post trauma stress reactions in others, vicarious traumatization, along with the process of demobilization, crisis management, and conducting critical incident debriefings.  The attendee will receive basic instruction on how to conduct Critical Incident Stress Debriefings (CISD) for personnel, understand the purpose for CISD and the debriefing model, and learn how to help those who have experienced trauma in their lives.  The attendee will also receive instruction on the tools for effective communication skills via active listening techniques through applied learning techniques and exercises.

“My C.I.” Cultivating and Effectively Handling today’s Top Confidential Informants

From first time offenders to high-level criminal organizations, the mentality of those heavily involved in today’s most serious crimes is rapidly changing. Today, we are tasked with combating the most dangerous criminals in the U.S. and across the world who continue to improve in ways of eluding law enforcement. This is where “My C.I.” comes in.

Having the ability to touch the untouchable, speak with those who don’t talk and gain the trust of even the most sceptical, is in fact possible with the right confidential informant and their trained handler.

When dealing with the disloyal and egotistic or the highly devoted and immersed criminal, law enforcement professionals trained in properly handling confidential informants are more effective in safely gathering real-time intelligence. From significant drug and cash seizures to solving the most difficult and serious cases, utilizing confidential informants is an essential tool, but one that must be handled safely. This is your owner’s manual in getting the job done and doing it right.

From the street to the interview room, your ability to build rapport, stay focused and detect deception starts at first contact and there are no second chances. Utilizing informants is an essential part of any case, and in fact may be the only way to enhance your chances of a successful outcome.

The focus of this dynamic one day seminar is to simply clarify each and every aspect of working hand and hand with an “informant” in a criminal investigation, which at times

can easily be frowned upon by those unaware of an informant’s legal potential and justifiable opportunities.

This seminar has been developed for patrol officers, detectives, gang investigators, agents and command staff. Your expert instructors will share their experiences and address issues to help you develop your own strategies in spotting, cultivating and safely getting informants to work for you.

Behind every great informant is a greater handler who always understands their capabilities, an informant’s limits, and the legal aspects during day to day operations. Despite the ambitions or motivators of potential informants, you will develop the expertise that’s needed today to protect the informant, your agency and yourself.

Blocks of instruction will include:

Spotting today’s possible candidates and dangers Evaluating the informant and their potential in each investigation
The significance of protecting your agency and establishing voluntariness Understanding the informant’s motivators and lifestyle
Mastering rapport and effective communication Establishing and maintaining ethical and professional relationships
Today’s legal aspects and courtroom preparation

This seminar is for law enforcement only, unless prior approval is granted by Street-Strategies Inc. or Public Grants and Training Initiatives. Attendees will receive a detailed class binder to keep. However, due to course content, the instructors’ current assignment, and video case examples there is no video recording allowed.

Retired Sergeant Edward Pijuan

Retired Sergeant Edward Pijuan is a 30 year veteran of law enforcement service that includes providing 26 years of U.S. military service with the U.S. Army Special Forces National Guard, serving our country in deployments such as Operation Enduring Freedom and other international deployments; providing 16 years of first line supervision; and providing 10 years of investigative experience for the Miami-Dade Police Department.

He has provided 3 years of full- time supervisory tactical duties for the Special Response Team (SRT also known as SWAT) serving high risk search warrants as a tactical professional and handling tactical operations for the Miami-Dade Police Department. He is currently a Team Leader for the Crisis Negotiator Team of SRT, providing critical support to the crisis negotiator team when faced with crisis situations, hostages, career criminals, and barricaded subjects who posed a threat for law enforcement and the community at large.

He was awarded an outstanding record of supervisory performance running the spectrum of law enforcement operations. Retired Sgt. Pijuan has an abundance of long-term investigative experience involving conducting in-depth interviews, evidence gathering, and assimilating within a team environment. He has an extensive background in Special Forces operations at the operational detachment/team level.

Course Available:

The Constructs of Critical Stress Debriefing following a Critical Incident

Law Enforcement’s Response to Those that Suffer from Mental Health Symptoms- A Crisis Negotiation Approach

Attendees will be provided with specialized behavioral health based training regarding the types of mental health conditions public safety personnel may be faced with during a Crisis Negotiation involving a Mentally Ill Subject and/or a Barricaded Criminal in Crisis or a Hostage Taker holding a Hostage(s). Strategies for relating and working with those that suffer from mental health conditions can be quite challenging and have the potential to pose danger to the public and public safety personnel at times if not dealt with appropriately. Such challenges include individual(s) suffering from suicidality and attempts to manage individuals who suffer from a major focus of clinical and behavioral attention (e.g.’s include: Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Major Depressive Disorder, & Suicidality Awareness, Intervention, and Prevention).

An overview of Personality Disorders, traits, and characteristics that law enforcement personnel commonly encounter will also be covered inclusive of those that suffer from Antisocial Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, and Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
An overview will be provided that includes the following: Reviewing the Types of Negotiating Incidents, Priorities within Negotiations, Methods of Communication Used, and Constructs of a Negotiating Incident.
The use of Active Listening Strategies & 14 Communication Techniques will be discussed along with the following specific techniques, applications, and phenomenon respectively: Rule of Reciprocity, Perceptual Contrast Principle, Foot in the Door Technique, Door in the Face Technique, Pluralistic Ignorance, Uncertainty Principle, Werther Effect, Scarcity Principle, Stockholm Syndrome and London Syndrome.
The proposed training tools are not to replace the specific department’s/agency safety techniques and tactical training but to be a supplemental aid in dealing with this specialized population. It is these instruments that can be used in managing and confronting this specialized population at the public safety personnel’s discretion.
Introduction to Major Psychiatric Disorders and Personality Conditions that Public Safety Personnel interact with on a regular basis (Axis I Conditions)

Sergeant James Chirco

Sergeant James Chirco has over 15 years of experience in the criminal justice field and is currently assigned to Professional Standards. Sgt. Chirco is a certified use of force and body-worn camera analyst, and an ethics instructor for a Central Florida law enforcement agency. Over the years, James has been assigned to a variety of positions to include the Patrol Division, Criminal Investigations Division, K-9 Unit with his partner Yarko, Traffic/Motor Unit and the Hostage Negotiation Team, both as an officer and currently as a sergeant. With over 2,500 hours of specialized and advanced training, Sgt. Chirco is responsible for reviewing department policy and making recommendations for revision(s).
James is a devoted husband and father of two. He enjoys biking and outdoor activities with his family. James is a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a degree in Business

Anthony Galante

In 1996 Mr. Galante started his aviation career at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) in Daytona Beach, Florida where he earned his Bachelor and Masters Degree in Aeronautical Science. While attending ERAU, he also earned his commercial pilot’s license with instrument and multi-engine add ons. In 1996 Mr. Galante received the Dothan Jet Center commercial pilot of the year award. Mr. Galante has flown several different aircraft and has hundreds of hours of flight time.

In 2003, Mr. Galante started his law enforcement career in Daytona Beach Florida when he attended the academy and was the Assistant Class Leader. Upon graduation, he became a sworn law enforcement officer with Daytona Beach Police Department. While Mr. Galante started his career within patrol division, his work quality, ability to act independent of direct supervision, communications skills and problem solving abilities were recognized by supervisors and management who quickly transferred him to the Marine Unit as there he was required to work independently with multiple agencies across several cities. These skills, knowledge and abilities were again recognized by others as he was assigned the responsibilities of lead trainer on the SWAT team teaching all high liability aspects of SWAT tactics and functions. Mr. Galante was directly involved with the planning and executing of high risk warrants, hostage rescue and retrieving barricaded subjects. His success in these assignments led to Mr. Galante being the department’s lead instructor in the Training Division for all high liability areas such as firearms, high-risk entry, emergency vehicle operations, and defensive tactics. Mr. Galante is also the department’s use of force expert and is relied heavily upon by Internal Affairs for use of force investigations. In 2012, Mr. Galante became the sUAS Division Director for the Daytona Beach Police Department. Mr. Galante was responsible for the development and implementation of sUAS standard operating procedures that are in compliance with FAA standards and regulations along with developing and implementing current training programs for new operators and observers. In 2013 Mr. Galante helped design, develop, implement and evaluate the sUAS training program for law enforcement in conjunction with Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Mr. Galante is the certified sUAS instructor for the Draganflyer platform. In 2014 Mr. Galante became the Director of Training Services for the Unmanned Safety Institute, which delivers trainings programs and consultation nationwide for all UAS platforms.

Mr. Galante continued his education earning additional master degrees in criminal justice and homeland security from American Military University. Mr. Galante presently serves as adjunct faculty for Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Mr. Galante is also faculty at Keiser University, Bethune Cookman University, and American Military University for the criminal justice and homeland security programs. Since 2009, Mr. Galante has instructed at the law enforcement academy at Daytona State College until 2011.

Course Available:

Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Public Safety

Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Public Safety

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

for Public Safety

In this one day program, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for Public Safety will discuss different systems and classes of UAS currently employed by law enforcement agencies around the country. Participants will explore UAS capabilities and application techniques for improving situation awareness for officers and decision makers. Other aspect of the course will cover the Certificate of Authorization process and regulatory compliance. A portion of the course will be dedicated to assessing and addressing risks associated with UAS operations as well as lessons learned from Law Enforcement agencies that have employed this new technology. Lastly participants will look at the proper way to incorporate UAS into existing Law Enforcement organizations.



The Winning Mind for Women Unleashed!

Two of the most recognized “women warriors” in law enforcement have teamed up through Dave Smith & Associates to bring an expanded and exciting day of training and inspiration to the police profession. Sergeants Betsy Smith and Nancy Fatura will lead students through eight hours of intensive, interactive training that will inspire, inform, and provide attendees with information they can use immediately to improve and enhance both their professional and personal lives.

Session Topics:
• How to have a “Not Today” mindset, on every call, on every shift
• Why “survival” is minimalistic and we must train to WIN!
• Embracing your role & responsibility in your own tactics, training, safety and career
• How to reignite your passion for this profession
• To properly manage a critical incident physically and emotionally
• What “Guardianship” really means for you and your career
• How to embrace warrior ethos regardless of your career path
• To leave behind the “victim-based” mentality and take control of your own future
• Secrets to real fitness for real women
• Recognizing and utilizing the differences between male and female personnel
• Effective, realistic communication and leadership skills
• How to trust and enhance your natural intuition
• To “lead, mentor, and inspire” others regardless of your assignment or tenure
• How to increase your awareness and overcome the effects of “routine”
• What it takes to become truly resilient
• How to utilize “gender intelligence” to improve all aspects of your life

This program is unlike any training course available on the market today and is the culmination of over twenty years of research and experience brought to you by the veteran trainer who developed the original “Street Survival for Women.” Constantly updated, this course encourages women to look beyond the anecdotal, “that’s-the-way-we’ve-always-done-it” world of policing and utilize science, physiology and proven methods that will help them improve their career, their safety and their outlook. “The Winning Mind” philosophy of ‘teaching by storytelling’ cites inspirational examples of courageous men and women, including Sgt. Fatura’s personal story of resiliency and survival. The atmosphere created in the classroom encourages students to network and gain strength and inspiration from each other, making this session a powerful day for everyone. This class will inspire, motivate, and encourage women not just to survive, but to WIN!

Nancy Dowdy

NancyNancy Dowdy is a Sergeant with the Tucson (AZ) Police Department. A native of Wisconsin, she attended the University of Wisconsin/Madison and worked in the Governor’s office. Nancy is a military veteran of the United States Army and was a Behavioral Science Specialist deployed to Germany during ‘Operation Joint Endeavor.’ Upon returning to civilian life, Nancy moved to Arizona and began her law enforcement career in 1999 with the City of Tucson. She has worked in patrol, narcotics, Field Training Officer, recruit training, and in various plainclothes assignments including working as a background investigator.
Nancy has spent the majority of her career in patrol, and is currently the Neighborhood Crimes Detective Sergeant for the south side of Tucson. She is a member of the Animal Cruelty Task Force and Organized Retail Crime Association. She has participated as an oral board rater in promotional processes, has been an Academy class counselor, PT instructor, a Rapid Response Team supervisor, a Mobile Field Force supervisor, and a Hostage Negotiator. Nancy has taught Mental Health Awareness, Cultural Awareness, Psychology of Winning, Critical Incident Management, and Stress in Field Training for her agency. She has been repeatedly nominated by her supervisors for awards within her local community’s “Women in Government.” Nancy is a devoted mother of two and enjoys fitness and endurance challenges that involve her family. Her favorite activities include mud runs, weight lifting, swimming, and biking.
Nancy was featured in the PoliceOne Academy “Will to Win” video series. She is a regular contributor on’s law enforcement information website and is a subject matter expert for the PoliceOne Academy. She was recently featured in P1’s Cultural Diversity series for Law Enforcement on’s Blutube.
By utilizing her own diverse experiences, Nancy has developed an inspiring workshop titled “Unleashing Your Inner Warrior” that is the perfect addition to any conference or in-service training. Nancy will also customize a training course to fit the needs of your agency or event. Additionally, she has partnered with Betsy Brantner Smith to bring “The Winning Mind for Women UNLEASHED!” to conferences and venues throughout the United States and beyond.
Nancy can be reached by e-mail at You can follow her on Twitter at @unleashyiw and her Facebook page “Unleash Me.”



The Winning Mind for Women Unleashed!