Pharmaceutical Drug Crimes

Prescription pill and heroin abuse is the greatest drug threat in the Nation.  According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention it is an epidemic.  Many health care providers and pharmacists say they do not report these crimes because officers/detectives don’t investigate them.  This course will educate patrol officers, detectives and narcotic agents on the most commonly abused pharmaceuticals and how to investigate these crimes.

Course Description:

The course will categorize and provide an understanding of the most commonly abused prescription drugs.  The instructor will then take attendees through the investigation from start to finish.  Along the way students will learn the tactics people use to obtain the drugs, what combination of drugs they seek, understand how prescriptions are written, identify forgeries, evidence collection and report writing.  The Instructor will provide examples of how to develop cases into drug trafficking organizations (DTO’s).

This one day course includes:

  • A description of the most commonly abused pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Tips for identifying counterfeit prescription drugs.
  • Investigative techniques for prescription fraud (“Dr Shopping”) cases.
  • Investigative techniques for prescription forgery cases.
  • How to access/use a state controlled substance database (CSD) report in the investigation.
  • Understanding protected patient information (HIPPA) and laws related to your case.
  • Evidence collection and report writing.
  • Working pharmaceutical DTO and multi-jurisdictional cases.
  • Packaging the case for prosecution and working with your prosecutor’s office.

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