Steve Hollister

Steve Hollister, is a detective with the Waukegan (Illinois) Police Department and has been a police officer for over 19 years.  During his tenure, Steve has worked in Patrol, Gang Unit, Drug Unit, Adult Investigations, SWAT, and currently the Gang Intelligence Unit (GIU) which is a high bred Gang/Drug unit. Steve primarily worked for the department’s elite drug and gang unit as the drug unit’s senior drug investigator until having the opportunity to work as a Task Force Officer (TFO) with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). During his time with the DEA, over $10 Million dollars were seized in the form of currency, homes, vehicles and jewelry. Also during his tenure at DEA, well over 300 kilos of heroin, cocaine or meth were taken off the streets as well as numerous high level cartel members that organized drug operations in the United States, Columbia, Mexico and Peru.

GIU has been recognized by numerous police departments and Congress for its innovative strategies to combat drugs and gangs on all levels. GIU is Lake County’s largest gang and drug unit and has been instrumental in combating gangs and drugs from Chicago to Wisconsin.  During his career, Steve has successfully conducted hundreds of narcotics investigations, from street level dealers to high profile drug operations.  During his undercover operations, Steve was instrumental in infiltrating those considered untouchable. The untouchables are high level ranking gang members in Chicago’s most dangerous street gangs.  At one time, due to Steve’s successful tenacity and dedication, he was considered “family,” as described on wire recordings of Satan Disciple and Maniac Latin Disciple gang members.  Steve has also worked in his long-term undercover capacity for the DEA in large scale federal drug operations in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Steve has been the case agent in countless drug search warrants, “buy-bust” operations, and long term surveillance operations on gang and drug targets.  He has specialized in developing long term Confidential Informants (CI’s) in drug cases.  He is considered an expert in gathering and successfully utilizing CI’s, face-to-face and hand-to-hand prep, money laundering and seizures, vehicle drug traps, and surveillance techniques.  Steve has also worked undercover in murder for hire investigations on rival gang members and members of competing drug pipe lines.

Steve has testified in state and federal courts as a drug and gang expert.  He has given countless presentations to universities, community groups, and local and state agencies. Steve is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards, including the department’s Meritorious Award for his excellence and hard work in undercover drug and gang operations. Steve’s enthusiasm and character always compliments his desire to share his experiences with officers across the country.

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